Operational management is the running of a company at the highest level.

Operational management is often the short-term solution while your organization is looking to fulfill the CEO/President or other C-Suite positions. In some cases, it's more of a permeant advisory role we undertake to assist a newly appointed business owner who has recently inherited a business or and less experienced CEO running the daily operations of the company.

These services concentrate on the daily activities of your company. This form of management is complementary to strategic direction based on the company's long-term vision.

Operational Service

This service is responsible for achieving the daily activities of your company. The operational service has several different various activities to oversee. For example, human resources, recruiting new employees, and staff training. The collection of money from clients and paying employees and suppliers. Marketing to promote your company's products and services to potential clients, and then there's the production responsible for producing goods or services.

Strategic Management

This service focuses on the long-term vision and goals of your company. This type of management involves making plans for the next five years or more by considering all factors affecting your company's future development: economic situation, technological progress, competitors' actions, etc.

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