Create brand recognition, drive traffic, and boost conversions through engaging video content with a great story converting viewers into customers. 

Videography is projected to be the next big thing in digital marketing. Be it a promotional video to reinforce your brand image or an explainer video to drive conversion and sales. We'll start the process through short phone interviews and a sit-down meeting to gather ideas and discuss a storyboard. We'll then book dates to shoot and let the magic happen.


Four (4) Phases of Video Production:
✦ Phase 1: Development
✦ Phase 2: Pre-Production
✦ Phase 3: Production
✦ Phase 4: Post-Production

Included Visuals

✦ Still images
✦ Stock photos (royalty free)
✦ Stock video (royalty free)
✦ Custom video
✦ Illustrations/3D Elements
✦ Stock illustrations
✦ Custom illustrations

Videos are formatted in 1080p HD resolution with stereo audio. All video music embedded in videos produced by Expand My Business, LLC. is licensed music.

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